Create Solutions

Sia’s opponent has been in Congress for 20 years and has accomplished very little. Sia has lived among the people and recognizes everyday challenges.

“If I will not solve your problem, do not vote for me.” -Sia Lo

Sia Lo leads a delegation of Republican leaders for a walk through of Asian owned businesses that were impacted by rioting. State Senators Roger Chamberlain, Mark Koran and Eric Pratt, State Representative Eric Lucero, along with U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis, CD 5 endorsed candidate Lacy Johnson, former Met Council member Rick Aguilar and other guests assembled on the afternoon of June 3rd.
Candidate sia Lo is assisting a Hmong veteran in placing flags on servicemembers graves at Fort Snelling National Cemetery May 23. Special thanks to Bikers for 45 for allowing us to participate in this solemn event. It is a tremendous honor.

Preserve Freedom

Sia knows that freedom must be fought for, and he’s ready to fight for the freedom that America has given him and his community.

Support Law Enforcement

Sia supports local law enforcement. Unlike the Democrats who will not stand up to criminals, Sia takes a stand for Law and Order.

important issues

Sia Lo’s family fled communism to come to America in search of a better life. Sia understands that we need new leadership to break up the partisan gridlock in DC that is crippling America. Sia Lo is a true servant leader, he is exactly what we need in Congress. The contrast couldn’t be more clear, Betty McCollum is a failed Washington career politician, while Sia Lo is a servant leader ready to work for the people’s interests.

Washington politicians in both parties spend too much hard earned taxpayer money. In Congress, Sia will fight for a balanced budget amendment and will work hard to cut wasteful spending in Washington.

Sia Lo will fight for better healthcare solutions for every Minnesotan. Betty McCollum and the Democrats want the government to take over your healthcare. Sia Lo believes that the private sector will provide better solutions and products for Minnesota. We don’t need socialist style healthcare systems like the Democrats are advocating for.

We need to invest in our national infrastructure. Our roads and bridges are crumbling and need repair. Sia Lo will work with President Trump to address our nation’s infrastructure needs.

Our youth are the future of our country. We have a responsibility to provide the best education possible for our students. It’s time to give more control to state and local governments. They can work directly with parents and students to provide the best education possible for our students in America.