Sia Lo for Congress

Sia Lo

Sia Lo is the first Hmong American to run for Congress in Minnesota. His family came to America when he was young to escape Communism, and he grew up in Minnesota. Sia has lived the American Dream and is running for Congress to give back to America. He is thankful for all the opportunities that America has given him and wants to preserve those opportunities for future generations.

“Every person who has achieved success knows that it takes a unified effort by many people to accomplish great things.”
-Sia Lo

Issues important to Sia

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Create Solutions

Sia's opponent has been in Congress for 20 years and has accomplished very little. Sia has lived among the people and recognizes everyday challenges.


Preserve Freedom

Sia knows that freedom must be fought for, and he's ready to fight for the freedom that America has given him and his community.


Support Law Enforcement

Sia supports local law enforcement. Unlike the Democrats who will not stand up to criminals, Sia takes a stand for Law and Order.